Music Studio – Purchase the Professional Features

Music Studio is free to download and use, but some features need to Purchase an Activation Code.

With Professional Features you can load Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros Set folders directly, then play with it, edit, save or separate to Set files, and use in Windows, Android, or iOS versions.

How to Import a KORG PA Set?

How to Import a Yamaha Tyros Set?


Please follow the instructions below:

1- Download the Music Studio for Windows, Extract, Install, and Run.

2- Go to the Help menu and click “Activate the Professional Features …“.

3- Keep the “Request Code“.

4- Download the Android/iOS version, Install and Run (On your phone or an emulator).

5- From the Start Menu of Android/iOS version, Tap on “Open KORG Pa SETs via Desktop version“.

6- Tap on the “Purchase” button.

7- Enter the “Request Code” and Tap on the “Purchase” button.

8- After paying via the In-app purchase, You will see the “Activation Code“.

9- In the Music Studio for windows, Go to the Help menu and click “Activate the Professional Features …“, Enter the “Activation Code” and press the “Activate” Button.

10- Thank you 🙂

78 thoughts on “Music Studio – Purchase the Professional Features

  1. Hello, please add 1 to 7 chord keys, 1 key default to major, 2 keys can be mayor and minor, 3 – 7 like default, thanks

  2. hi, how can i pass the licence from 2 different windows PC’s of my own without paying the double?

  3. سلام
    شكرا على البرنامج
    عندي مشكلة عندما اصدر تراك ك صوت
    البار يبقى يروح ويجي
    متفرق اذا ويف لو م بي 3

    Thank you for the program.
    I have a problem when exporting as Audio
    The bar keeps going and going and it shows creating but nothing happen whether exporting as MP3 or wav.
    I have registered the pro version and bought two versions for iphone and android, but I like the desktop one for better sound and processing speed.
    I have v 5.1,6 or the latest one.

    1. Ich finde, der Support ist super schlecht. 3 Tage Frage ich schon nach, wann ich einen funktionierenden Code bekomme.
      Das ist eine ans schöne Frechheit.
      Und den doppelt und dreifach den Request-code oder die Seriennummer meines Laptops schicken, zeigt für mich an, das da alles irgendwie drunter und drüber

  4. Hello,

    I have purchased it, downloaded the PA sets from your site. But nothing is getting loaded. Is this the way the software act? This is really unfair. Nothing is working, no set from Korg is getting loaded, it seems I have lost all of my money.

    If you have a genuine answer, please help. Your videos are so confusing. You don’t have any video showing how the set gets loaded from PC.

    Send me a reply ASAP.

    1. Hi, we have not any PA sets on our site. You have to download PA sets from other sites, then import them with Music Studio.
      However, if you’re not convinced yet, please contact

  5. I bought the program, but it does not read the korg sets one-to-one, the rhythms play badly, as if the kit is missing, it has a sound like a toy organ.

  6. programı satın aldım ama korg setlerini bire bir okumuyor,ritimler bozuk çalıyor, sanki kit eksik bozuk gibi oyuncak org gibi sesi var.. Siz korg setlerini okuyor dediniz ama sesler bozuk çıkıyor..

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