Music Studio – Purchase the Professional Features

Music Studio is free to download and use, but some features need to Purchase an Activation Code.

With professional features, you can load Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros Set folders directly, then play with it, edit, save or separate to Set files, and use in Windows, Android, or iOS versions.

How to Import a KORG PA Set?

How to Import a Yamaha Tyros Set?


Please follow the instructions below:

1- Download the Music Studio for Windows, Extract, Install, and Run.

2- Go to the Help menu and click “Activate the Professional Features …“.

3- Keep the “Request Code“.

4- Download the Android/iOS version, Install and Run (On your phone or an emulator).

5- From the Start Menu of Android/iOS version, Tap on “Open KORG Pa SETs via Desktop version“.

6- Tap on the “Purchase” button.

7- Enter the “Request Code” and Tap on the “Purchase” button.

8- After paying via the In-app purchase, You will see the “Activation Code“.

9- In the Music Studio for windows, Go to the Help menu and click “Activate the Professional Features …“, Enter the “Activation Code” and press the “Activate” Button.

10- Thank you 🙂

112 thoughts on “Music Studio – Purchase the Professional Features

  1. plz activation

  2. It has proved impossible to activate the windows version 6.4.5 since the instructions do not work with the 2021 Android version. There is no setting that I can find to (open PA Set on Windows Version)

    Please publish how to do this with the 2021 Android and its individually purchased VIP version and other upgrades. There is no blank to enter a request code.

  3. Hi ,

    I want to by Music Studio for Windows 10 , do you have Paypal Account ??

    Device ID:
    Request Code:

    Best Regards

  4. Hello.
    What if we do not have an android that does not support google services nor iOS ? What to do for the purchase?

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