Music Studio v5.0.2

Create, Import, Play and Edit your Music, Sets, Instruments, and Rhythm.

Download for Windows 64 bit: Setup, Portable

Download for Windows 32 bit: Setup, Portable

Previous version: v4.6.0

Data – Download some Sets, Instruments, Rhythms, …

Factory data – for import KORG Pa Sets

These files containing Samples, Multi-samples, Sounds, and Pads from the internal memory of the KORG PA models.

Purchase the Professional Features   $29.99



• Create, Play, and Edit Your Music
• Define Categories, Tracks, and Rhythms
• Create and Edit Virtual Instruments from Real Sounds and Tune it
• Import KORG Instruments
• Import SF2 Instruments
• Import KORG Pa Sets
• Combine 2 or more Instruments in Tracks and Make a New Sound
• Create and Edit Music Systems (1/4, 1/8, …)
• Connect Your MIDI Keyboard and Play or Record in Real-time
• Virtual Keyboard (Use PC Keyboard and Mouse)
• Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
• Import MIDI files, Change Instruments, Edit, Add Filters and Effects and Create a New Music
• Export to Wave or MP3 files and Share your Music
• Create a Stand-alone file Contain Instruments, Systems, Rhythms …
• Filters: Volume/Pan, Octave/Key/Tune, Stereo Mixer, Band Pass, Compressor,
Dynamic Amplify, Echo, Equalizer, Flanger, Notch, Parametric Eq,
Phaser, Pitch Scale, 3D Sound, Treble Enhancer, True Bass
• Effects: Key Repeat (like Sitar), Key Connection (like Guitar),
Frequency Shake (like Violin), Volume/Pan Shake
• More than 1000 High-Quality Instruments and Rhythms
• Intelligent Pedal
• and more …

 What’s New

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improved user interface
• Increased speed of loading files and windows
• 64-bit version
• Full support for ORG 2020 skins
• Full support for Unicode in texts and filenames
• Improved ASIO
• Improved import of SF2 files
• Direct import of SF2 and KMP files as Instrument
• Easier management of instruments, rhythms, systems, and sounds
• With new skin
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Windows XP compatibility
• Import SoundFont 2 files as Instrument (Tools Menu > Instrument Manager > Import from > SF2)
• Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete the musical notes with keyboard shortcuts
• Piano in piano roll mode is playable now
• Improvements and bug fixes

• New modes for Edit: Maximize and Piano roll
• Undo and Redo
• Dark and Light themes
• New Virtual multi-touch keyboard with Skins (Preview version)
• Move notes by Shift or Ctrl+Shift with arrow keys
• Improvements and bug fixes

• PIN Code, New way to protect your Sets
• Improvements and bug fixes

• New feature to quickly and easily remove repetitive and unused samples to reduce the size of the Set
• Full-screen mode of the virtual keyboard on widescreen monitors and multi-monitor systems fixed
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Open KORG Pa Sets directly
• Better Reverb filter
• Better Virtual keyboard
• Better instrument manager
• Quick editing of the loaded instruments and systems
• Reduce Ram usage
• Speed up work on huge data
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Import Styles from STY files of most models of the KORG
• Export a Track or Category to a MIDI file
• Create a New Empty Rhythm with a single click
• Better quality for output MP3
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Fix midi file import bug

• Import Multi-Samples from SETs of most models of the KORG. (Tools Menu > Instrument Manager > Import from > KORG .SET Folder)

• Chord Mute and Drum Mute buttons
• Fixed some reported bugs

• More USB-MIDI feature (Select the model, Define the physical buttons, Adjust the sensitivity of Claviers, …)
• Fixed minor bugs

• Improved quality and performance of ASIO and DirectX
• Fixed several reported bugs

• Check for a new version
• Change the color of the title bar in different parts of the screen of the virtual keyboard
• Fixed a problem with clutter and disappearance of virtual keyboard’s keys
• ASIO support Fixed
• Fixed a few other minor bugs

302 thoughts on “Music Studio v5.0.2

  1. Hi, Is it posible insert wav loop in sequencer ? I see there is option to add wave track but I can only insert .track files Thank You

    1. Hi
      1- Put a note on track at the beginning
      2- Right-click on the note
      3- “Change instrument section”
      4- Select an audio file
      You can do it with an empty instrument

  2. If you add Yamaha or Korg single finger chord mode I will definitely buy it. I like that you added the possibility to choose Major/Minor(single key), but that is not enough as in single finger mode you may need both minor and major chords. If you could add the Yamaha or Korg single finger mode that would be great, on the internet you can find charts on how Yamaha or Korg are converting single finger chords into normal chords.
    Cheers and thanks for your application, great work!

  3. باسلام.من رمز عبور رو فراموش کردم.به دلیل تعویض گوشی برنامه رمز عبور میخواد .چطور میتونم دوباره وارد ب نامه بشم.رهنمایی کنید لطفا

  4. Hi.
    I like Sofeh Music Studio app and appreciate Sofeh Sunrise for developing such an amazing music creation app.

    I use this app for making music. That’s a lot fun.

    But there is a bug in it. There is a problem with music fx “Key Connection” i.e the sound of instrument is played again after the connected keys play. That’s really irritating.

    I request you fix this problem.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Hello please I am one of the client that usually download this application on the play store but, please I need more updates for this application (styles,rhythms & more). Thank you very much.

  6. Hello!
    I want to congratulate you for your work and also in next update I wanted to be able to open the compressed sound and files so it can fully play the set! Thanks in advance! I know in next updates it will be even more great than it is now!!

  7. it’s better if we can use it with a joystick. Start stop, tempo and picbend with joyistick is more practical to control.

  8. Does the program detect key velocity (Touch Sensitive)? I tried connecting my midi keyboard and it doesn’t seem to detect the difference of how hard or soft touch no the keys.

  9. I have a problem with the font, the note doesn’t appear and I have instead of notes some symbols… I installed all kind of music fonts and still same problem…
    Any helpful ideas??

  10. Hi. Please add two new functions:

    1. Export drums & instruments samples to kmp file from korg set.

    2. And open compressed korg sets normally with sound.


  11. bonjour je voudrez convertir les fichier voix et chorde et drums kit d’un set a la place de .instrument en sf2 ou nki merci

  12. Hi. I bought both android and windows versions of the app. Thank you for such a nice software. Can you add instrument export function in sf2 or similar for the desktop version. It would be very usefull. Have a nice day.

  13. merheba ben bartından program güzel olmuş ama genede bir takım sıkıntılar var şimdilik en başta birincil olarak profosyenel özellik satın alamıyorum hato oluştu diyor ama her işlem doğru

    ikincil olarak style bölümünüdeki ritimleri ayrıabildiğimiz gibi sound bölümündeki sesleri ayırmak istiyoruz ama olmuyor

    üçüncül olarakta korg ekranı gibi ekran bölümünde sts,pad bölümü yokpadledi ekrandan doğru ayarlamak isityoruz ayrıca sts bölümüde 12 den fazla ses ayarlayamıyoruz

    son olarakta tc helicon özellik yok vocal ayarları yok sadece mikrafon niyetine kullanabiyoruz

  14. Bonjour j’ai acheté org 19 Android et j’ai téléchargé music studio pc sur le site sofeh
    Vous avez fait un travail formidable.
    Comment assigné les touches fonction du logiciel avec celles du clavier par ce que actuellement je peux jouer qu’avec les touches des notes merci beaucoup pour votre site


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  17. Please add a wartel to the latest version please

    رجاء اضافة ترتيل على اصدار اخر رجاء رجاء

  18. Very good site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any
    discussion boards that cover the same topics
    talked about in this article? I’d really like to
    be a part of group where I can get advice from other experienced people that share the
    same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

    Many thanks!

  19. Tolong di perbaiki lagi untu cover instrumen nya. Karana banyak isntrumen atau sampel yang tidak terbaca sa’at di cover untum instrumem music studio dan perbaiki lagi untuk inpor kmp dan pcm nya karna banyak sample yang tidak bisa di cover atau not sond

  20. Impossible to get the activation code in english page
    How can I create a template with the KORG PA900 factory ?

  21. 1.Pitchband is jumping too many notes. How will the settings be?
    2.My computer is old and I want to use it on a different computer, but it does not accept the activation code.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  22. الرجاء اضافة ميزت الترتيل في مفاتيح هذا البرنامج البرنامج اكثر من رائع شكرا على جهودكم على هذا البرنامج ^_^

  23. NOTES:
    – Some Factory Sounds, Mutl-samples and Samples will not be imported.
    – Compressed Samples will not be imported.
    – Some tracks will be muted for better result.
    – Some data may be lost, incorrect or incomplete.

    I bought it for these features. How can I activate these features? please help me or the fee I will give will go to waste.

    Ben bu özellikler için satın almıştım. bu özellikleri nasıl aktif hale getirebilirim ? lütfen yardımcı olun yoksa verdiğim ücret boşa gidecek.

  24. File chunk process and sequencer nice but multisound process quality is bad. I think the your sound synthesizer framework is not good. sound quality is not like a pa900. try Naudio or linuxsampler framework.

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  27. Салам Алейкум! Зделайте Music studio такой, чтоб все было как на Yamaha korg pa4x. Все чтоб было одинаково.

  28. I can not load rythms, i buyed vip account but he doesnt ask the questions that the program asked when started, so it doesnt find my downlouded styles etc. What can i do?

  29. Very nice application. I found couple problems. First, the Fills don’t work properly on my experience (9/8 Beats). When I push the Fill button anywhere during the beat, it begins from the beginning of the beat. What I mean is that, for example when I play 9 beat rhytm and push Fill in 5th beat, it is suppose to finish 9th beat or pick up where I pushed the Fill in Button and Fill in. What it does is that it begins Filling in just after 5th beat of 9 beat rhytm. So 9 beat doesn’t complete. Second problem is that, for someone who doesn’t have a midi keyboard or touch screen monitor, s/he cannot play the chords of the accompany part of the virtual keyboard to be able to hear the accompany of the style. In my opinion, there has to be a part shows SINGLE (finger) to be able to play the acompany section of the virtual keyboard using only one finger at least, even though it would be just a Major chord, better than nothing. Thank you.

  30. Здраствуйте скажите пожалуйста у меня проблема при добавлении korg pa set барабаны играют по другому или их вообще не слышно хотя ноты есть что делать?

  31. hello please tell me why when adding the entire folder korg pa set styles are re-produced on another drums or not bat or bat on the other help please sort it out and then I got it that I bought the program

  32. Hi, I have asio4all installed, but when I select to use it, it doesn’t work. Are you able to give detailed instructions on how to make Music Studio use the asio driver instead of primary driver?

    Thank you

  33. Oh My Fucking Goodness Gracious Jesus Mary Holy Hingwiemajigger!!
    HOW. GUID. IS. ORG. ?????!!!!
    Bestest app av ever kept my neighbours awake with 2018.
    I’m just no that into apps – just no very appy I suppose – GTF Gsearchoogle ya ? shagging , over dominatibg, engine fascist shower of ???✊pusearchsearch

  34. is it possible to convert .instrument file to .set file there are some instruments e.g electronic piano , that i want to use on the virtual keyboard but it will only load .set files or .template files , tnx in advance

  35. HI.How can i use the midi output selection to use with my keyboard instruments for style play.i find an option where i select to convert to midi chanel but i dont receive midi signal

    and i have another problem with Asio give’s me an error :Asio failed to create buffers.

    Thanks for sharing this amaizing software. Good job. Keep going.

  36. Fantastic software. Now, it is just my installation that has a lot of reverb or I was not able to locate the option to control it or even disable? Thanks a lot for your answer.

    1. Hi, you can control the filter of each Track or Instrument.
      Right click on the title of a track, click on “FX/Effect”, then click on “Audio FX” tab.

    1. Hi, Yes, Click on OPTIONS button, Select the RHYTHM/CHORD item, Under CHORD TYPE select MAJOR or MINOR, also you can create a custom chord.

  37. السلام عليكم اخ جعفري ممكن طاب لوسمحت في النسخ القادمة ممكن اضافة خاصية piano roll كان احسن بنسبة الانشاء للايقاعات

  38. I download your app today.. that’s really great super work guys. I have keyboard [yamaha Psr -I425{Indian model]but I don’t about midi,, no problem.. pls tell me where to download techno styles to your app..I want techo or dance style to import…pls some keys not working in my keyboard to perform in collage you’re my only hope…. I am waiting for your help.. thank you
    One more thing your inbuilt techo style very good super

  39. Hi,
    Mr. Jafari, this music workstation is awesome. It’s very useful and very intuitive. I see how it progressed and getting better.
    I was disappointed to see that it’s a windows only program. Have you thought about having a Mac OSX version? There’s as equal demand for it on the Mac OSX side as in widnows.
    Please, if you could let me know. I would really appreciate it.

    Asad Aljayashi

  40. Mr Jafari, his job was enormous. But ASIO though, now works, does not do it correctly. When listening to an instrument it sounds distorted (actually with noise) and it is not of the ASIO configuration, because in other programs I have music works perfectly, for example in Linux Multimedia Studio (although for Windows)

    A greeting.

  41. Hi ,, I would like to thank you for all…
    Can you just tell me how to creat a new rhythm or style with chords ,, all love.

  42. سلام جناب جعفری??? جان خسته نباشید خوب هستید انشاءالله؟خداراشاکرم که بازهم گلی از خطه بوستان ما عطرش جهانگیرشد وقله های دماوند را برفراز آسمان هاعلم کردو کوه صفه مانصف جهانیان را با گنبد های نیلگونش زبانزد مغرب ومشرق -شمال تا جنوب جهانیان کرد، واز شما که می بالم بخاطر هنر شما بسیاربسیار سپاسگزارم و خرسند ازاینکه گلی شدید که همتایی در هیچ کجاندارد. به امید سرافرازی عالم تاب ایران و ایرانی، بهترین ها رابرا شماوخانواده خوبتان طلب میکنم پیروز و پر برکت باشید توأمان پاینده! حقیر ارادتمند حضرتعالی:ح. ا???

  43. ســـــــــــــــــلــــــــــــام.
    بـــــــــسـیـار خـرســـــنــد شـــــــــــدم از ایـــــنــهـــــــــمـــــــه دقـــــــت و سخـــــــتکــوشـــی شــــــــما.
    امـیـدوارم هـــــــمـــــیــــشــــــــــه تــــــــنــــــــدرســــــت بــــــاشیـــــــــــــد و شــــــــاهــــــد بــــرنـــــــــــامـــــه هــــــای بـــــــه مـــــــــراتب بــــــهتــــــــــــــر/
    به امید د یدار شما دوستان گرامی

  44. السلام عليكم اخي هل من جديد بخصوص اي تحديث جديد ممكن نعرف هل فيه حل لمشكل pitchbend على clavier maitre شكرا

  45. hi
    i cant convert korg STY to SET file
    i m looking for set file with “algerian rai” style
    i would like to convert korg pa80 STY file

  46. باعرض سلام خدمت تمامی دوستان عزیز.کانال تلگرامی ارگ2017افتتاح شد.

  47. سلام مهندس رامین خسته نباشید پس ارگ2017روکی آپدیت میکنید.گوشیم قابلیت 3تاچ رونداره لطفن اون قابلیت روبذاریدکه بایک انگشت هم بشه ریتم روقط وشروع کرد.همون قسمتsyncchord start/stop

  48. سلام به همه ی دوستان هرکسی هرریتم یاسازی رومیخاد،باکیفیت بالا به تلگرام بنده رجوع کنید.@armjn09145629891

    1. Hi,
      1- On KORG, Export to KMP and KSF files
      2- On PC (Music Studio app), Import KMP file using: Tools>Instrument Manager>Import From>KMP

    1. Hello Mr. Swara,
      Run App -> Start Menu (Automatically shown) -> Tap on “Buy advanced …” -> Tap on “VIP User”
      Thank you

  49. میخواستم از اینجا کمال تشکر و قدردانی رو از شما دوستان عزیز بکنم. آفرین به هوش و استعداد شما بزرگواران. پیروز باشید.

  50. Mr Jafari, as I said by email. The program is wonderful when you can and correct what ASIO, it will be almost perfectly for me.


  51. شكرا جزيل
    ممكن اعرف ام الجديد في النسخات القادمة ممكن نضيف plugins جديدة اوplugons effects من خلال dll مشكور على الرد

    1. شكرا جزيل
      ممكن اعرف الجديد في النسخات القادمة ممكن نضيف
      plugons effects
      من خلال
      مشكور على الرد

    1. • إنشاء وتشغيل وتحرير الموسيقى الخاصة بك
      • تحديد فئات، المسارات وإيقاعات
      • إنشاء وتحرير الأدوات الافتراضية من ريال الأصوات واللحن عليه
      • استيراد الآلات KORG
      • الجمع بين 2 أو أكثر من الآلات في المسارات وجعل الصوت الجديد
      • إنشاء وتحرير أنظمة موسيقى (1/4، 1/8، …)
      • توصيل لوحة المفاتيح MIDI والتشغيل أو سجل في الوقت الحقيقي
      • لوحة المفاتيح الافتراضية (لوحة المفاتيح استخدام الكمبيوتر والفأرة)
      • جعل متعدد كلمات من أغنية واحدة (تكرار المسار وتغيير التردد)
      • استيراد ملفات MIDI، الآلات تغيير، تحرير، إضافة الفلاتر والآثار وإنشاء الموسيقى الجديدة
      • تصدير إلى موجة أو ملف MP3 وحصة الموسيقى الخاصة بك
      • إنشاء قائمة بذاتها ملف تحتوي على الأدوات والنظم وإيقاعات …
      • الفلاتر: حجم / عموم، أوكتاف / مفتاح / اللحن، وخالط ستيريو، باند باس، ضاغط،
      دينامية أسهب، صدى، المعادل، فلنجر، الشق، حدودي المعادلة،
      فيزر، الملعب مقياس، 3D الصوت، ثلاثة أضعاف محسن، باس صحيح
      • الآثار: مفتاح كرر (مثل سيتار)، اتصال مفتاح (مثل غيتار)،
      تردد اهتز (مثل الكمان)، المجلد / بان اهتز
      • أكثر من 200 الأدوات عالية الجودة ومجموعات طبل
      • دواسة الذكية
      • و اكثر …

    2. Hi,
      1- Connect the MIDI keyboard
      2- Tools Menu > Options > Device > MIDI In
      3- Select MIDI Input
      4- Click OK
      Now you can play with MIDI keyboard.

  52. The program is wonderful, but ASIO does not work, at least in my case (and I have three different types of drivers ASIO; ASIO Device Creative SBZ Series, FL Studio ASIO and ASIO4ALL) and none works, really.


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