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Music Studio is free to download and use, but some professional features require an Activation Code:
• Importing KORG Pa (SET and KST) Set folders directly.
• Importing Yamaha Tyros Set folders directly.
• Exporting Yamaha Styles and Pads.
The Imported Sets can be used in Windows, Android, or iOS versions, or sold in the Store.

How to Import a KORG Pa Set?

How to Import a Yamaha Tyros Set?

Sample Sets: Korg Set 1, Korg Set 2, Yamaha Set

• You can test the professional features on a limited basis before purchasing.
• Some Factory Sounds, Multi-samples, and Samples will not be imported.
• Some data may be lost, incorrect or incomplete.
• Some tracks will be muted for better results.
• You may need to change the Base Note and Chord Variation of some styles.
• You must download KORG Pa and Yamaha Tyros sets from other websites.
• Formats supported in KORG sets are PCG, KMP, PCM, STY, PAD, STG, and PDC.
• Formats supported in Yamaha sets are STY, PRS, PAD, UVN, and UVD.
• Yamaha Export formats are STY and PAD.
• Yamaha packed sets are not supported.
• The sound quality will be far from the original.
• Each Activation Code will be usable for 1 PC.

Where is my Request Code?
1- Download the Music Studio, Install, and Run.
2- In the Help menu, click on Activate the professional features.
3- Copy the Request Code to the clipboard.
4- Enter the Activation Code from the website or email after purchase.

1 review for Music Studio

  1. Leandro

    Excelente aplicacion. Tengo un Korg PA600, y esta aplicacion es lo mas parecido que he encontrado a mi arranger. tiene todo lo necesario para emularlo en el computador con unos buenos samples.
    De hecho tiene tantas funciones, que lo unico que faltaria seria un buen manual para poder sacarle todo el provecho.

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