Music Studio v6.4.2 Windows

Create, Import, Play, and Edit your Music, Instruments, and Rhythms

Rhythm, Chord, Musical Instruments, Record, Import KORG Instruments and Styles, Virtual keyboard, Multi-touch support, Joystick support

ORG 2021 v1.1.0 Android, iOS

A complete musical keyboard in your pocket


More than 1000 rhythms and instruments, Chord, Pitch-bend, Quarter Tone, Pad, Sound FX, Effect, Microphone with Echo, Connect to the real keyboards via USB MIDI, Record, High sound quality

Music files

Download Sets, Instruments, Rhythms, …

Other apps

 Skin Editor v3.5.0 Windows, Mac OS

Java to Swift Helper v1.0.1 Windows, Mac OS

Telescope v1.2.0 Windows