Music Studio – Version history

• Unlimited selection of MIDI input and output simultaneously
• Favorites menu in file dialogs
• Enhanced overall user experience
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Better accessibility for blind users, Thanks to Mr. Mohammad Hossein Ghezelsofla
• Improved Yamaha STY Import/Export
• Import/Export Yamaha Pads
• Improved KORG Set Import
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Support for 24-bit and up to 192 KHz audio output (depending on the hardware)
• Writing music in sections and putting them together in the main tracks
• Improvements in the import of KORG sets
• Importing KORG style and pad files in STG and PDC formats
• Importing the KORG Pa5X sets in KST format
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Select 4 Keyboard Sets for each Style
• VST Favorites and Search
• New Render tools in Instrument Manager
• You can use external wave editors in Instrument Manager to edit sample waves
• Change the split point by holding the SPLIT/MIX button
• Change the portamento method by holding the MONO or LEGATO button
• Indonesian Language (Thanks to Syukur)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Change the name of the keyboard sets to the desired name
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Load script for each DNC by holding the Aftertouch button
• Some scripts to add capabilities in the instruments
• Create a settings page to change script parameters
• Added Track Control bar to control Pitch, Volume, Balance, Modulation, and effects during a track
• Waveform function to create waveform changes in the Track Control section
• Import compressed samples from KORG sets
• Import KSC files
• Import SF3, SF4, SFZ and SFARK files
• Import styles from Yamaha’s PPI, PPF, and YEP files (without samples)
• Import and export ABC Music Notation files (notes written as text)
• Export STY files for Yamaha keyboards (without samples)
• New RAW Player tool for playing and extracting the sounds hidden in non-audio files
• Save the selected Portamento method for each instrument in the set
• Improvements in the import of SF2 files
• Improvements in the export of MID files
• Improvements in playing chords
• Improved Aftertouch for MIDI controllers
• Optimized skin and default set
• Increasing the maximum duration of samples and sounds/loops up to 5 minutes
• An option for the automatic Tempo Lock method
• An Option for turning off Pads with Synchro
• An option for changing the rhythm after pressing the style buttons
• Improvements and bug fixes

• You can now select the old Mono/Legato (Portamento) method in the settings
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Bug fixes

• Programming the instruments with an easy-to-learn dedicated script for each Mode (DNC)
• New default set with scripted instruments and high-quality samples
• New look for the monitor section
• “Band Booster” FX to control Bass and Treble
• Adding FXs to each rhythm separately
• Support for VST3 plugins (via VTS3Shell)
• Direct recording of a section of a rhythm in an audio file
• Testing with MIDI keyboard in Instrument Manager
• Keyboard Set management in the main window
• Sorting instruments list by name, type, and family
• Improved Mono and Legato
• Improved Reverb FX
• Improvement and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Supporting Shell VST plugins
• Better handling of VST plugins
• New tools/options for VTS plugins (Save/Load List, MIDI Channel, …)
• New VTS Scanner tools (Search, Move Up/Down, …)
• Rendering a Track (with FX, VTS, …) to an Instrument
• Adding audio files to Wave tracks
• Sending joystick modulation from virtual keyboard to MIDI and VST plugins
• Option to save MIDI channel of tracks in keyboard sets
• Reset button in the Options window
• New black theme
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Import and Export for options
• 4 different colors for the dark theme
• MIDI input and output channel settings separately for each track
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Creating user-defined Chords with 2 keys
• New Dark Theme Colors
• Print/Export Sheet Music (Thanks to Mr. Madhav Vaidyanathan)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Envelope setting for instruments (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release)
• Talkback (Options)
• Changing clavier color via Skin file (Golden, Silver, Red, Blue, …)
• Separated volumes for app and Set
• Improving default Set instruments
• Improvements and bug fixes

• App translation tools (Options > General > Language)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Importing floating-point audio files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Importing Yamaha Styles (STY and PRS files)
• Importing Yamaha Instruments (UVN and UVD files)
• Importing Yamaha Sets
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Auto-splitting audio files and creating percussions (in Instrument Manager)
• Recording rhythm tracks with a MIDI device or virtual keyboard
• Faster saving and loading of music files
• Faster handling of VST plugins
• Importing 24-bit and 32-bit audio files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Connecting multiple MIDI devices
• Better management of Model files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• VST plugins (Effect, Instrument, …) + VST scanner
• Wave loop point detection in Instrument Manager
• 2 types of standard Timer
• Better metronome
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Live Style: Play and create your own styles
• New skins
• Two modes for MONO button: Zero legato, Full mono
• Unlimited “Keyboard Set” count
• Recording directly to audio file
• Better import of KORG Pa sets, MIDI files, and SF2 files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• New track view mode: Sample Mode
• Scaling selected notes with select bar
• Saving the last track and mode in Music and Set files
• Show/Hide instrument types in the instruments list
• Installing portable
• Bug fixes

• New setup wizard: One-click install, Auto-detecting OS version
• Importing of KORG PA SET is faster now
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Two new FX: Equalizer and Band Move
• Moving on instruments and rhythms lists with arrow keys in the Keyboard window
• Changing volumes and sliders with the mouse scroll in the Keyboard window
• Better single-key chord setting in the Options window
• “Merge” item in the Open menu
• Exporting KMP and KSF files in the Instrument Manager window
• Changing the master volume in the main window
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improved user interface
• Increased speed of loading files and windows
• 64-bit version
• Full support for ORG 2020 skins
• Full support for Unicode in texts and filenames
• Improved ASIO
• Improved import of SF2 files
• Direct import of SF2 and KMP files as Instrument
• Easier management of instruments, rhythms, systems, and sounds
• With new skin
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

• Windows XP compatibility
• Import SoundFont 2 files as Instrument (Tools Menu > Instrument Manager > Import from > SF2)
• Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete the musical notes with keyboard shortcuts
• Piano in piano roll mode is playable now
• Improvements and bug fixes

• New modes for Edit: Maximize and Piano roll
• Undo and Redo
• Dark and Light themes
• New Virtual multi-touch keyboard with Skins (Preview version)
• Move notes by Shift or Ctrl+Shift with arrow keys
• Improvements and bug fixes


• PIN Code, New way to protect your Sets
• Improvements and bug fixes

• New feature to quickly and easily remove repetitive and unused samples to reduce the size of the Set
• Full-screen mode of the virtual keyboard on widescreen monitors and multi-monitor systems fixed
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Open KORG Pa Sets directly
• Better Reverb filter
• Better Virtual keyboard
• Better instrument manager
• Quick editing of the loaded instruments and systems
• Reduce RAM usage
• Speed up work on huge data
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Import Styles from STY files of most models of the KORG
• Export a Track or Category to a MIDI file
• Create a New Empty Rhythm with a single click
• Better quality for output MP3
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Fix midi file import bug

• Import Multi-Samples from SETs of most models of the KORG. (Tools Menu > Instrument Manager > Import from > KORG .SET Folder)

• Chord Mute and Drum Mute buttons
• Fixed some reported bugs

• More USB-MIDI features (Select the model, Define the physical buttons, Adjust the sensitivity of Claviers, …)
• Fixed minor bugs

• Improved quality and performance of ASIO and DirectX
• Fixed several reported bugs

• Check for a new version
• Change the color of the title bar in different parts of the screen of the virtual keyboard
• Fixed a problem with clutter and the disappearance of the virtual keyboard’s keys
• ASIO support Fixed
• Fixed a few other minor bugs

• New global version