ORG 2020 v1.2.0 Android, v1.1.2 iOS

A complete musical keyboard with thousands of musical instruments and rhythms!


Data – Download some Sets, Instruments, Rhythms, …

 Quick Guide

Previous versions (Android)

2020 v1.1.5, 2019 v1.2.2, 2018 v1.6.0, 2017 v1.4.5

 Music Studio – Create, Edit, and Import Sets, Instruments, Rhythms, …

 Skin Editor – Create Skin files or generate protected skins in a single Skinz file



• More than 1000 musical instruments (Multi-sample and Recorded from real instruments)
• DNC Instruments and After-touch
• More than 1000 styles (Include Intros, Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads) with Real Chord (Press 3 or more keys)
• More than 10 drum kits (General, Arabic, Persian, …) and Funny Human Drum kit
• 3 Low-latency methods
• Connect to a real musical keyboard via USB MIDI cable
• Use the phone as a microphone
• Programmable Sound/Loop Buttons for play Audio files
• Strong Windows tools for Create, Edit and Import Instruments, Styles, … (download from
• Joystick, Ribbon, Effects, and Filters
• Record, Re-record, Sing a Song, Save, Playback, …
• High-quality Stereo output
• Simulate KORG keyboards with Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Transpose, Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, Tap Tempo/Reset …
• Multi-touch with 10 fingers
• Change the volume of each Instrument or Style Separately
• Pedal, Metronome and Touch Response
• Quarter tones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish …)
• 1 and 2 rows keyboard
• and more …

 What’s New

2 0 2 0, Android

• Increase, Decrease and Reset for Tempo, Octave and Transpose on the monitor
• The app loads faster now
• Bug fixes

• Improved SF2
• Improved Portamento Mono button
• Improved stability

• Adding SF2 files as instruments
• Chinese translation (Thanks to Mr. Liu Xingtang)
• Improvements and bug fixes

see more …

2 0 2 0, iOS

• Increase, Decrease and Reset for Tempo, Octave and Transpose on the monitor
• Improved SF2 importing
• Improved Portamento Mono button
• Bug fixes

• Compatibility with iOS 13
• Supporting the Dark mode
• Supporting SF2 files as instrument
• Showing path and file types in the file dialog
• File sharing via MacOS and Windows (iTunes)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• The first version

Privacy policy

195 thoughts on “ORG 2020 v1.2.0 Android, v1.1.2 iOS

  1. Hello this great app will make android as midi module … But i had problem to control the tempo of this app… I had try music studio too, but with version of android i cant find the shortcut of tempo, auto fill , transpose +,

    1. سلام این کدی که برای من فرستادین کار نمی کنه و خطا میده لطفا راهنمایی بفرمایید

  2. No canal “wst o tecladinho de ouro” tem bastante informações de configuração desse aplicativo, quando estiver um tempinho da uma olhadinha lá

  3. I can’t buy this app
    Could you please give me activation code?
    If it is possible send it to my email please
    My Device ID:

  4. Anyone have any Thai style rhythms? Also known as. “MOHLUM ” “KAN sound”

  5. What does the VIP purchase give me? I paid $24.99 for the iOS app but I can still see some in-app purchases which I made accidentally? Also, if I pay for the app on iOS will I be able to use it on Android? or I have to purchase it again on Android?


  6. Hi,
    now I bought the VIP option as in app purchase on my iPad.
    But when I open ORG 2020 on my iPhone the app is still in demo mode and wants to sell the VIP option once again.
    How will I get the full version to my iPhone? I don’t find a ‘restore (in app) purchases’ button/menu entry inside of ORG 2020. As Apple generally states do in app purchases belong to an Apple ID and thus to all devices listed for this ID.
    All the best

    1. Now I found the small circle in the left upper corner on the IAP page …
      (maybe you should amke this function more clear).


  7. One suggestion:
    Using the split function there is no option to split the keyboard in only two zones: Lower with one sound AND Chord detection an Upper with the ability to combine two or the sounds (Upper 1 to 3) as a layer.
    When I use Chrod detection only on Lower and not Full I have no sound in Lower (only the style).
    This behaviour is unlike in typical entertainer keyboars (KORG PA3x, PA4x, Yamaha Genos, Tyros 1-5 etc.).
    All the best

  8. Hi,
    great app! Being searching for such an app for iOS, especially after MIDIBand has been removed from the AppStore. But I have some questions regarding compatibility and connectivity:
    After buying the VIP IAP:
    How can I import SF2 instruments into ORG 2020? is it done using Music Studio? If yes: Can I do this using the free version or must I buy the additional 29,99 for the professional features of Music Studio?
    Is it possible to use styles in the Yamaha .STY format or styles in KORG format?
    I have an KORG microKEY Air which connects to all of my MIDI apps on my iPad and iPhone (Garage Band, Cubasis, iElectric, iPiano etc.) via BluetoothMIDI (KORG Drivers installed as an app). Will ORG 2020 also allow the connection via Bluetooth MIDI (BLE)?
    Thank in advance

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for your interest in my app.

      For SF2:
      It is good but not awesome
      In ORG 2020 tap on an Instrument and Tap on the plus button.
      In Music Studio from the import menu, and it is free to use,
      and ORG 2020 for iOS is not as good as Music Studio for SF2 files (Until the next version).

      For STY:
      Music Studio can only import KORG PA STY files for now.

      For BLE:
      Yes, I will try to add this feature.

  9. السلام عليكم في البداية أحب أشكر جميع العاملين واقول ان هذا الاورج لاهو شعبيه كبيرة وكثير من الناس يستخدمون ولكن احمل لكم رسالة من مستخدمي الاورج يريدون التطوير الجاد وأتمنى تطوير الاورج بشكل مثل الحقيقي وتحسين مؤثرات الصوت مثل الكونتاكت في أسرع وقت كثير من الناس ينتظرون قرار التطوير والتحسينات
    مع اطيب تحياتي أتمنى لكم التوفيق والنجاح

  10. Thank you… this is the best app ever .. I have a request in skin editor application please can you add buttons to switch between system sounds like normal , nava , gah etc .. seems like keyboard set buttons .. thank you again .

  11. مدیریت محترم. جناب آقاي مهندس جعفری
    یک سال است که مشکل دانلود فایل زیب مستقیم از روی دستگاه برطرف نشده، برای دانلود یک فایل 200 مگابایتی باید نیم ساعت آنلاین باشیم تازه آخر هم به 90 درصد که میرسه خطا میده وفایل بارگیری نمیشه. برای سایت معتبر شما این خلاف مقرارت وقوانین است، که کاربری مثه خودم به بقیه کاری ندارم یه هزینه وقت صرف کنه، ودرنهایت هم بی نتیجه
    لطفا بررسی کنید

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am using NOVATION LAUNCHKEY 61, when I connect my USB MIDI keyboard to my mobile REDME 4A it says, but unable to detect the External keyboard it says ” NO USB DEVICE AVAILABLE.
    If I purchase & get same message the I will loose my money.
    Please help me.

    Thanks & Regards

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  15. Error No usb midi.. keyboard saya novation launchkey 61 dan HP Redmi Note 5.. jika sudah support saya mau beli vipnya.. thx

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  18. I ask permission to complete some components that can make the org app easier for the users to play .. please accept this request by giving a response to my comment

  19. نشكرك على هذا البرنامج الرائع ..
    نحن نريد اضافات اكثر في مجال تعديل ضبط الآلات الموسيقية ..
    مثلا نريد ان ندمج آلتين ..ونحفظ الصوت ..ويصبح صوت واحد ..
    هذا يساعد في انشاء اصوات رائعة جدا
    تحياتي لك و لعملك الرائع

  20. ارگ رو داشتم با کلی ریتم که دانلود کرده بودم گوشیم فرمت شد الان که نصبش کردم نمیتونم بیارمشون
    هیچی نمیاد
    همش میزنه
    خطا در راه اندازی سیستم پرداخت

  21. Hi,
    Can I use ORG 2018 as a keyboard : Sync Start/Stop, Play Yamaha/Korg Rhythm Accompaniment etc…

  22. Помогите пожалуйста! Как записывать трек полностью чтобы от начала до конца со всеми пропусками. Не могу найти где это исправить.

  23. Good morning,

    I have downloaded a set of instruments : Pop (by Sam Manoochehri).Set
    How do I install it?
    And also : is it possible to display the name of the chords I press when playing?
    Best regards.

    1. Mr. Jagdish, you can open seting, tap on output sound than chose low-latency method and chose play recorded note.

  24. Mere phone me offline activation code Nahi le raha hai jo ki 16number ka hai per mere phone me 15 number ka a raha hai
    Help me

  25. Hello friends,
    I have a Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910C)
    I purchase a VIP User (ORG 2018)
    I also have launchkey mini mk2
    The problem is: ORG don’t show Launchkey connected via USB in a list of devices when i try connect MIDI.
    How can I contact developer and/or support to describe an issue more detailed?

  26. Before it worked with 3 keys together.
    But now only 2 keys working together.what can I do to work 3 keys together?

  27. دوست عزیز من کمتر از یک ساله که استفاده از ریتم وامکانات رد خریداری کردم اما بعد نصب مجدد هر چقدر وارد میکنم میگه اشتباهاست .چرا !!!!!!!!!!!!!؟؟؟؟؟

  28. Can I record patterns ? or just the audio output ?
    Meaning is there a step by step recorder included ?

    A User Guide would be highly appreciated..

    That said, your app is a fantastic inspiration for making music, and can even be used in the process of professional production. Well done !

  29. Someone commented “nice game” this is not a game. It’s an amazing professional audio program. With top notch features. Best ever.

    1. WAY 1: Tap on an instrument in Monitor, Tap on DOWN ARROW (several times), Tap on ADD MORE, load an Instrument file
      WAY 2: Tap on SET button, Tap on open icon at the left of a Music Track, load an Instrument file
      WAY 3: Tap and Hold on an instrument in Monitor, Tap on + button, load an Instrument file

      1. For Android? I can’t. Please, make sure you are right. Because without purchasing I see it is not welcome. I downloaded but couldn’t install.

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  31. فُكرًتّ الدًنَيّا شَيّ حَلُؤٌ ؤٌنَكدًرً انَعّيّشَ بُسّعّادً مُاادًرً تّفُكيّرًيّ غًشَنَيّ ؤٌهّؤٌهّ يّمُيّ فُاكدًنَيّ

    1. I am using it on a Chromebook which means I have more space to use my hands. It’s fantastic. But I am new to
      this software . Is there anyway to shut off the automatic drumbeat if I play with more then two fingers?

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