ORG – Version history (Android)

2 0 2 4

1.0 Compared to the 2023 version
• Load script for each DNC by holding the Aftertouch button
• Some scripts to add capabilities in the instruments
• Settings page for some scripts to change parameters
• Save the selected Portamento method for each instrument in the set
• Improvements in the import of SF2 files
• Improvements in playing chords
• Improved Aftertouch for midi controllers
• Improved default set + Flute and Flanger instruments
• New skins
• Increasing the maximum duration of samples and sounds/loops up to 5 minutes
• An option for the automatic Tempo Lock method
• An Option for turning off Pads with Synchro
• Improvements and bug fixes

2 0 2 3

1.0 Compared to the 2022 version
• Programming the instruments with an easy-to-learn dedicated script for each Mode (DNC)  (You can use the Music Studio for it)
• New default set with scripted instruments and high-quality samples
• New look for the monitor section
• “Band Booster” FX to control Bass and Treble
• Adding FXs to each rhythm separately
• Improved Mono and Legato
• Improved Reverb FX
• Improvements and bug fixes

2 0 2 2

• Connecting to MIDI devices over Bluetooth
• Connect and use multiple MIDI devices at the same time
• Easy adjustment of MIDI keyboard specifications
• Defining MIDI device buttons and External Keyboard keys for functions
• Creating user-defined Chords with 2 keys
• Changing the keyboard height by holding down the TAB button
• Improvements and bug fixes

1.0 Compared to the 2021 version
• Envelope setting for instruments (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release)
• Real full screen on devices with Notch or Hole punch
• Changing clavier color via Skin file (Golden, Silver, Red, Blue, …)
• Adding tabs on Skins for fast page changing
• Adding drum page to Skins
• 4 Skin sizes for phones and 2 Skin sizes for tablets
• default.Skin for reset Skin
• Improved stability of MIDI connection
• Improved touch handling
• Auto clean up Data Manager temp files
• Revised Indonesian translation
• Improving default Set instruments
• Compatible with the latest version of Music Studio for Windows
• Improvements and bug fixes

2 0 2 1

• Compatible with the latest version of Music Studio for Windows
• Show Drum names on Live Style page
• Golden clavier (in setting)
• Improvements and bug fixes

1.0.0 Compared to the 2020 version
• Live Style: Play and create your own styles
• New skins
• Two modes for MONO button: Zero legato and Full mono
• Unlimited “Keyboard Set” count
• Compatible with the latest version of Music Studio for Windows
• Improvements and bug fixes

2 0 2 0

• Two new FX: Equalizer and Band Move
• Compatible with the latest version of Music Studio for Windows
• More Key Count options
• Bug fixes

• Increase, Decrease and Reset for Tempo, Octave and Transpose on the monitor
• The app loads faster now
• Bug fixes

• Improved SF2
• Improved Portamento Mono button
• Improved stability

• Adding SF2 files as instruments
• Chinese translation (Thanks to Mr. Liu Xingtang)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Compatibility with Android 10
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Improved user experience
• Talk-back (in settings)
• Bug fixes

• Quality and performance improvement
• Bug fixes

• Improvements and bug fixes

1.0.0 Compared to the 2019 version
• New skins with more features and focus on details
• Portamento Mono and Legato
• Fast access to effects’ parameters
• New Default.Set
• Hide chord instruments in the list of instruments (Changeable in Settings)
• New Mixer type (Selectable from Settings)
• Notify new versions
• USB MIDI problem on some new devices fixed
• The immersive fullscreen problem on some new devices fixed
• More compatible with 64-bit devices
• Compatible with high resolution and foldable screens
• Indonesian translation (Thanks to Mr. Iwan Aditya)
• Spanish translation (Thanks to Mr. Roberto Alegandro)

2 0 1 9

• See a video and activate the professional features for 3 minutes
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Compatibility with the latest version of Music Studio
• Changing octave of the top row in 2 rows keyboard mode separately
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Immersive full-screen mode for devices that do not have physical buttons (You can disable it in the Settings)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Now, If you’re having problems with the microphone, you can turn off “Microphone low-latency” option in the settings
• Revised Kurdish translation (Thanks to Mr. Bryar Muhamad)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Moving Instruments, Styles, and Systems, and placing them on the desired page
• Saving and loading a part of a style and transfer it to other styles
• Connection effect improved
• Latency reduced
• Size of APK file reduced
• Improvements and bug fixes

1.0.0  Compared to the 2018 version
• Compatibility with Android P
• Showing tabs at the below of the list of instruments, rhythms, … for quicker access
• Lower microphone latency
• Record the microphone (if enabled) in the direct recording mode in the audio file
• New 2019 skins in different sizes
• Fullscreen mode when connecting an ***** or PC keyboard (Activation in settings)
• Improving the quality of the claviers
• Ability to show or hide drum-kits in the list of instruments
• Ability to define LEDs colors in each skin
• Ability to define independent LED size and position for different items in each skin
• Improvements and bug fixes

2 0 1 8

• Access to all of the device memory to load huge Sets
• New mini keyboard mode: Monolid
• Better mini keyboard interactive mode
• Sound/Loop save fixed
• Volume drag and shake fixed
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Microphone fixed

• Compatibility with Android Oreo
• SYNCHRO STOP button fixed
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Problem with opening some Sets fixed
• Audio stream in Data Manager improved

• Better Data Manager
• Reduce Ram usage
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Load KORG Pa  SETs via Desktop version
• Better Ribbon

• Compatibility with the Music Studio v4
• Displaying the name of the chords on the ShortCut buttons
• Checking for new data at the start
• Reduce Ram usage

• New Data manager window for managing and downloading Instruments, Styles, … with the ability to change categories and open downloaded files
• Ability to save one-key chords in keyboard sets (by default is disabled)
• Fixed some reported bugs

• User-defined one-key chord
• Skinz: The new file type for skin, All in one and protected
• Several improvements and bug fixes

• Q.T. on the monitor
• Chord Mute and Drum Mute buttons
• More USB-MIDI feature in model files
• Fixed some reported bugs

1.0.0  Compared to the 2017 version
• Volumes and Sliders
• Multi-page skins
• Direct and high-quality MP3 recorder
• More USB-MIDI feature (Select the model, Define the physical buttons, Adjust the sensitivity of Claviers, …)
• Fixed some reported bugs
• and more …

2 0 1 7

• Colored title bars in the monitor
• Fixed several reported bugs

• Real low-latency
• Avoid showing skins in the Android Gallery
• Ability to search in file dialogs
• Ability to configure the app to keep the screen on
• Improved operation of USB MIDI
• Added 3 single key chord types
• Improved black skin
• Revised Kurdish translation, Added Turkish translation
• Fixed Sound/Loops saving
• Fixed problem with interactive mini-keyboard
• Fixed a problem in the implementation of some heavy Styles
• Fixed a few other minor bugs

• Hotfix: More compatibility with Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow

• Improved operation and stability of USB MIDI
• Fixed minor bugs

• More compatibility with Android Nougat
• Added the ability to Move to SDCard
• “New” title for the new data in the data manager window
• Ability to set volume of default pads
• Improved performance of switching Keyboard Sets
• Ability to use Fill, Intro, and Ending as Variation by double-tapping on it (enable in Settings)
• Turn on/off memory control (in Settings)
• Fixed several minor bugs

• Fixed problem with sound recording
• Ability to turn off the monitor messages
• Improved file selection windows
• Reduce the size of APK file
• Fixed minor bugs

• Revised Kurdish translation (Thanks to Mr. Bryar Muhamad)
• Fixed a lot of reported bugs
• More stability

• Load big SETs
• Fixed minor bugs
• More stability