Piano basics

Before you start, go to the SETTING button > Keyboard > Clavier caption, and select C,D,E, then exit the settings and turn off the CHORD SCAN buttons.

Each octave contains 7 white keys and 5 black keys.


From A to G, and It starts with C, each key will used to play a musical note.


for example, F4 is key F in octave 4.

Musical notes on a music staff:


The black keys have no name and are named with white keys
Use(sharp or dièse) for the next black key and(flat or bemol) for the previous one.

Also(natural or bécarre) will cancel any sharp or flat.

Oriental music has virtual keys between white and black keys named quarter-tone or QT.
Use(sori) for the next QT and(koron) for the previous one.

So, this is the all:
-1/2 tone
-1/4 tone
no change
+1/4 tone
+1/2 tone

Now, try to play this:

Find more here …


Each note starts at a time and ends at a time, the time between the start and the end of a note is the length of the note. Also, this length can be used for silence when nothing is playing.

The symbols of note and silence lengths on a music staff:
[Note] [Silence] = [Length]
= 1 (We assume that this length is 1 to compare the other lengths with it)

= 1/2

= 1/4

= 1/8

= 1/16

= 1/32

You can find all musical symbols here …