ORG 24 v2024.1.1.0 iOS

 What’s New

• Change the split point by holding the SPLIT/MIX button
• Change the portamento method by holding the MONO or LEGATO button
• Resizable window on iPadOS and MacOS
• Watch a video and use the professional features for free!
• New Data Manager
• Skinz files support
• Improvements and bug fixes

38 thoughts on “ORG 24 v2024.1.1.0 iOS

  1. Hallo selamat pagi penggemar berat ORG 2023, kenapa apk saya semenjak diperbaharui versi 1.0.7 malah jadi error tidak bisa memuat Data Style Remix… Harap diperbaiki kembali akun saya. Terimakasih…

  2. بارك الله فيكم

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