Music Studio v6.9.3

Create, Import, Play, and Edit your Music, Sets, Instruments, and Rhythms

Free download for Windows 2972 downloads so far (current version 1/16/2022)

Video tutorials

Factory data – for import KORG Pa Sets, How to use it?

These files containing Samples, Multi-samples, Sounds, and Pads from the internal memory of the KORG PA models. These files are not KORG PA Sets.

Purchase the Professional Features   $29.99

Data – Download some Sets, Instruments, Rhythms, …

 Skin Editor – Create Skin files or generate protected skins in a single Skinz file



• Create, Play, and Edit your Music
• Define Categories, Tracks, and Rhythms
• Create and Edit Virtual Instruments from Real Sounds and Tune it
• Import KORG and Yamaha Instruments and Rhythms
• Thousands of Musical Instruments (Multi-sample and Recorded from real instruments)
• DNC Instruments with After-touch
• Thousands of rhythms (Include Intros, Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads) with Real Chord (Press 3 or more keys)
• Drum kits (General, Arabic, Persian, …)
• Import SF2 Instruments
• Import Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros Sets
• Scan/Load VST plugins
• Create and Edit Music Systems (Q.T., 1/8, …)
• Connect Your MIDI Keyboard and Play or Record in Real-time
• Virtual Keyboard (Use PC Keyboard and Mouse)
• Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
• Import MIDI files, Change Instruments, Edit, Add Filters/Effects and Create a New Music
• Export to Audio file and Share your Music
• Create a Stand-alone file contains Instruments, Systems, Rhythms …
• Filters: Band Pass, Echo, Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, 3D Sound, Bass Booster, …
• Effects: Key Repeat, Key Connection, Pitch Shake, Volume/Pan Shake
• Intelligent Pedal
• and more …

 What’s New

• Import and Export for options
• 4 different colors for dark theme
• MIDI input and output channel setting separately for each track
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Creating user-defined Chords with 2 keys
• New Dark Theme Colors
• Print/Export Sheet Music (Thanks to Mr. Madhav Vaidyanathan)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Envelope setting for instruments (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release)
• Talkback (Options)
• Changing clavier color via Skin file (Golden, Silver, Red, Blue, …)
• Separated volumes for app and Set
• Improving default Set instruments
• Improvements and bug fixes

• App translation tools (Options > General > Language)
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Importing floating-point audio files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Importing Yamaha Styles (STY and PRS files)
• Importing Yamaha Instruments (UVN and UVD files)
• Importing Yamaha Sets
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Auto splitting audio files and creating percussions (in Instrument Manager)
• Recording in rhythm tracks with MIDI device or virtual keyboard
• Faster saving and loading music files
• Faster handling of VST plugins
• Importing 24-bit and 32-bit audio files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• Connecting multiple MIDI devices
• Better management of Model files
• Improvements and bug fixes

• VST plugins (Effect, Instrument, …) + VST scanner
• Wave loop point detection in Instrument Manager
• 2 types of standard Timer
• Better metronome
• Improvements and bug fixes

see more …

466 thoughts on “Music Studio v6.9.3

  1. hello i would like a license for windows but i don’t have a cell phone

    can we buy a pro license ? without going through the phone

  2. Hy ! i purchased the licence last year but since then i changed my laptop and now the device id changed and the activation cod does not work on the new laptop.what can i do to make it work on this laptop beside buyng a new licence?

  3. nice work …. is there a possibility to add option so the music studio so to appear as vst plugin in daw as cubase etc?

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